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Time to show off my Polyglot's hat, particularly the Italian one. The winning of The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza), at this years Oscar is a sign of Italian cinema is back.

Another Italian film with a winning potential will be screened at West End Cinema. Let us check it out!

It has an English subtitle and you don't need to speak Italian and feel free to invite friends and family.

Ci vediamo allora!

Miele is the story of Irene a 30 years old girl who helps suffering people.Terminal patients who want to make shorter the struggle with death, people whose suffering injure the dignity of an human being. One day a 70 years old man in good health, who simply thinks to have lived enough, asks her to help him. The meeting will put to the test Irene’s convictions. It will open a stringent debate between the two.
Their relation becomes more and more full of implications and emotional ambiguities.

96 min. • R • Dir. Valeria Golino • In Italian with English subtitles