• GNPA competes @ “NG3C 12th Annual Shootout”

    Dalton State College, Wright School of Business

    ALERT you need to sign up! Don't miss out on this annual event. The event will be at 8:00 in Wright Hall at Dalton State College. Photography can take place in and around the City of Dalton. Processing of photos and the awards ceremony will also be in Wright Hall. What is the North Georgia Camera Club photography Shootout? It is a competition that challenges camera clubs from around Georgia and other states to capture images that best represent one of five randomly selected categories. These categories are typically very generic, such as round, or blue or motion and it is up to the photographer to look for subjects that capture the essence of that topic. All skill-level photographers are welcome! Photographers have to be very creative, yet very efficient with their time as all images have to be submitted by 2:00. We have found that typically it is best to spend a couple of hours capturing the image and then a couple of hours selecting and processing the images. Each team then choices the best 10 images for each category from their members to submit for judging. During the judging period there will be time to visit with vendors as well as to listen to guest photographer presentations. We hope you will join us on this fun and challenging event. If you want to learn more, please contact Kathy or Dale Aspy at [masked]. Please let Kathy and Dale know if you accept the challenge by October 1 so we can register the team. Shootout Tentative Schedule of Events 7:30 AM-8:00 AM Registration of participants not pre-registered and final Check in of teams 8:00 AM Morning meeting to review rules in main auditorium 8:15 AM Random selection of categories 8:30 AM-Noon Participants in the field to photograph anywhere in the Dalton GA area. Noon-1:50 PM Teams will gather in assigned classrooms to edit and select photos to turn in for judging. ALL IMAGES MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM FOR JUDGING. IMAGES MUST BE ON JUMP DRIVE PROVIDED BY NG3C, CLEARLY MARKED WITH CLUB NAME. 2:00 PM-till? Judging takes place during this time. And speakers will make their presentations. Several are well known to GNPA. Visit vendors. Drawings for door prizes. 5:00 PM Presentation of awards to individuals and teams

  • GWINNETT: Stewart Woodard, Portfolio Review & Basics of the new GNPA Website

    Some background on myself. I started attending Gwinnett meetings June 2013 and actually joined GNPA in September, same year. Soon became chapter’s Field Trip Coordinator, then in March 2015 Chapter Coordinator. Also, current GNPA Chair, Membership Committee. Active in Explore Gwinnett, Mitsubishi Electric Golf Classic, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and other local groups. Entered several Photography Competition in and out of GNPA. Won a few and more I did not.  2014 Purchase Award Hudgens, “Lotus Blossom Bud” Hudgens, Center for the Arts & Learning, 3rd Annual Juried Member’s Exhibition – Now part of permanent collection at Hudgens, Center for the Arts & Learning  2017 First Place "Sloss Furnaces’ Underground, SPOOKY", North Gwinnett Arts Accusation juried photography exhibit  2019 Second Place, “Coneflower Spikes”, “Macro”, by GNPA 10th Annual Expo Conference Competition  2019 Second Place, “Sunrise Oconaluftee Overlook”, “10-Years of GNPA Field Trips”, by GNPA 10th Annual Expo Conference Competition Early interest in photography with a little old black Ansco Flash Clipper 616 film camera. That was all it took. Later in high school moved to a Yashica A Twin Lens Reflex manual 120 film camera and in US Army purchased my first 35 mm a Minolta Sr T-100 SLR camera. Had my own darkroom equipment with a nice Besesler enlarger. Then family and career came along and all that was sold or put away. Retired and returned to photography in 2009 when wife and sons gave me a Nikon D3100. And, as Paul Harvey used to say “And, that’s the rest of the story.” Tonight, we will have a 2-part program. We’ll begin with a Portfolio Review and end with review of the new GNPA website, Members Profile information and navigating the basic site. Portfolio Review, a public one so everyone can get a better feel and idea of what a Portfolio Review really is. Preview of our efforts to provide more formalized Portfolio Reviews in the next year. Please let me know of your interest. Tonight, we will have 3-5 members with 3-5 photos each and 3 Reviewers. Photography Reviewer, much like Competition Judges, often see aspects of a photograph differently, have their own pet peeves and focus in on different things. This should give members a better grasp and gain insights into their work. This is an excellent way to grow and improve your photography. GNPA Website Screens and Navigating the website. Focus on your Member Profile, updating the information and how to find new things. A lot of the new website is a ‘Work in Progress’. Several GNPA members are actively developing and implementing new content on a fairly regular basis. We have big plans to the overall system look, feel and resources for members as well as Chapter and State functionality. If you have a desire to participate in future Portfolio Reviews or help with the new GNPA Website, please let Stewart Woodard know at [masked]. Our next regular meeting will NOT be until our annual Christmas Social on December 4th. We will return to regular monthly meetings in January 2020 (4th Wednesday of the month). Thanks,