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We are a group of geeky women in our in the Gwinnett/Mall of Georgia area. This is for friendship with similar minded geek girls to get together, chat, do things, who knows?

It is so hard to find mature, geeky women and some women might not even realize they are geeks. We tend to be just a little different from other women and often times when we open our mouths we get strange looks because of what comes out. While some women squee over Capt. Jack Sparrow, when we hear of a Capt. Jack, we immediately think of Capt Jack Harkness. There are other tell tale signs that let us know we ain't quite right among our other sisters so check below to see if you are among us.

How do I know I'm a geek girl?
1. I keep fish sticks and custard in my kitchen....just in case.
2. I have taken up or have considered taking up knitting just so I can have a hat like Jayne's.
3. Kirk or Picard? Can devolve into a long and detailed debate.
4. When you walk down the toaster aisle of Target, you never take your eyes off the just never know.
5. Tardis? DeLorean? Stargate? Which is most likely? These questions keep you up at night.
6. You know what each of the following compounds are and what they are used for: iocaine powder, veritaserum, mandrake, lembas, wolfsbane
7. 42
8. You have thought about or have actually steampunked something.
9. The words Dragon Con or Comic Con make you giddy with delight or desire.
10. You find science somewhat sexy.

So please join up and let's revel in our geeky goodness and see where we can go!

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