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Welcome to the Gyros Cycling Club Meetup. The Gyros are one of the premier cycling clubs in Central North Carolina offering rides for many different skill levels with a priority on learning to ride safely and developing new friendships.

We have found that many cyclists struggle to find groups that they can fit in comfortably - that offer assistance and training to help them meet their cycling goals and aspirations. The intent of this Meetup is to do just that. We will host training rides to teach you "How to Ride" by focusing on such things as the "do's" and "don't's" of riding in a group, riding the paceline, how to climb, sprinting, and building endurance to mention a few. We may even cover simple fixes like changing flats and derailleur adjustments.

Rides will begin in March.

Pace for these rides will average in the 15-17mph range. They will be "NO DROP" rides but you MUST be able to maintain the minimum posted pace. If you can not ride the minimum posted pace OR you can't seem to stay with the group because you always feel the need to sprint out ahead, then these rides are not for you. There are other rides that are listed on the Gyros Rides Calendar that may better suite your purpose and/or skill level. (Link to our website is listed below). The pace will be dictated by who shows up for each ride.

These are road rides so you MUST have a road bike to participate. Hybrids, fitness bikes and dual sports will not allow you to keep up with the group. Mileage will depend on the time of year and overall group fitness but will generally be between 20-35 miles. The focus will be on learning to RIDE and WORK together as a group and to build confidence on the bike in group situations.

That being said, we can not leave out the social aspect of these rides. Since the Carolina Ale House is a Gyros club sponsor, we will be leading these rides out of the CAH locations in Brier Creek and Wake Forest. What better place to refuel and rehydrate after our rides. We may, on occasion, leave from other locations to add interest to our rides.

A great precursor to these rides would be to read "RIDING THE PACELINE" which can be found on our clubs website at: https://www.racereach.com/g3.php?page=training

If you would like to learn more about joining the Gyros Cycling Club please go to: https://www.racereach.com/g3.php?page=signin

Our monthly rides calendar is at: https://www.racereach.com/g3.php?page=rides

Please also check out our flagship event Velo4Yellow at: http://velo4yellow.com/
The Gyros and Velo4Yellow support LiveStrong and its programs to help people affected by cancer.

- Each rider is responsible for bringing all the essential equipment and tools such as helmet, spare tubes, pump/CO2, hydration, etc. No helmet, no ride!
- It is strongly recommended that you carry your driver's license, health insurance card (or copies), a note containing emergency contact information or Road I.D. in case of an emergency.

DISCLAIMER: You understand that bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport. Rides under the banner of Gyros Cycling Club or Velo4Yellow are open for public participation, but Gyros Cycling Club and Velo4Yellow DO NOT assume any liability for your participation. In no event, shall Gyros Cycling Club or Velo4Yellow accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance, on information on this website, or from participating in group rides with the Gyros Cycling Club.

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