GYROS/CBC RIDE - 56 miles @ 18+/-mph


Location image of event venue


Are you ready for some fun and something different?

The Gyros and CBC are joining forces for a 56 mile ride on the 16th.

Our Route -

I will be leading this ride with help from Dave Campbell and Bike Bennett.

Pace will be CONTROLLED at 18+/-mph. Pace will be dictated by who shows up. We RIDE and WORK together as a group with the occasional hill attacks to stretch the legs.

This is considered a Gyros A ride so you MUST be able to maintain the posted pace. If you can not ride 18mph in a group, you risk being dropped.

As a side note, CBC may be offering different paced groups, so there MAY be an option to drop off and pick up a slower group. That will be decided day of the ride.

We are going to try this on an occasional basis so lets have a great Gyros turnout. The point of this ride is to meet new faces, travel new journey's and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cyclists.

It is important that you signup if you pan on attending so I can get a head count. A large group is expected.


Gonna be fun so come out and enjoy the ride!!!