Past Meetup

Third in the Burg (as if one could slip by us)

Location image of event venue


I've only been hesitant to post for the next 3rd in the burg because work has been a little unpredictable. Now things are nice and clear, so "game on" for the next 3 in the B. They are getting TRICKY to find current events, but the Facebook page is at least up-to-date(ish).

Sorry I missed the last one (looked fun), but looking forward to the next. I alerted Lee at Healthy Way that I'd be by around 5:45 that Friday. That's here for all who may not know:

I realize it's getting a little stale there, so I just want to stop for a quick bite before heading to heading down to Midtown. If you want to join me there, feel free. Midtown Scholar by 6:30 I figure.

I'll keep an eye on the FB page to see if anything changes. Let's hope for some of this nice warm weather (minus the rain of course). See you all there!