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Are you Introvert or shy and would like to meet your soul mate as well as like-minded friends? If that’s true, then Happy Introvert Singles is the ideal group for you. We recognize the power of Introversion as a positive personality trait that can help you be more reflective, a good listener, and a person with depth. We also welcome our shy friends who, through their shyness, can possess extraordinary sensitivity and a keen ability for self-reflection.

With our positively-framed Introvert and Shy Community of liked-minded singles, we strive to provide you with low-key, fun, and engaging social activities and mixers that are geared to the Shy and Introvert single.

Whether it’s attending a book signing or talk, or meeting in small groups with pre-structured ice-breakers so it’s easy to meet each other, Happy Introvert Singles is the community for you to meet liked-minded singles and possibly find your ideal romantic partner.

Research shows that shy or Introverted people do well with each other in long-term relationships because they share similar views of the social world and enjoy their personal, private lives. Of course, it’s more fun and enjoyable when you can share it with a like-minded partner or friend.

Join us at Happy Introvert Singles as we’re planning great activities for 2019 and looking forward to meeting new friends and potential soul mates. To the Shy and Introvert world!

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