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June Haskell Meetup

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Moritz A. and Shima A.


The June Meetup is upon us!

- Soares Chen - Dict Typing - solving the Haskell record problem with Data.Constraint.Dict and implicit parameters

- José Pedro Magalhães (London, UK) - GHC Generics - A Generic Deriving Mechanism for Haskell

Note: This Meetup will be held at the Standard Chartered Office. Please RSVP and bring your ID to register with the Reception Desk for access into the office building.
Standard Chartered MBFC Tower 1
8 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Level 10 Dunsan Room · Singapore
How to find us

A Strats member will be at the reception desk between 6.45-7pm to sign you in. The security personnel will open the gantry for you and assign the lift to the correct floor.