What we're about

1. HA.P.I’s (Hablar Para Integrar or “Speak to Integrate”) mission is to accelerate the social and economic advancement of the Arizona community utilizing the integration of Latino adults via a unique, ultra-rapid training in the English language, civics, American social and professional codes of conduct, and technology.

2. People who speak English fluently, grew up in the United States, embody the American culture (know American expressions, codes of conducts, culture, etc.) and have higher level/critical thinking skills so that they can engage in in-depth, interesting conversations on a variety of topics with our students.

3. HA.P.I’s Conversation Club takes place during our ESL night classes every Friday for 90 minutes. You will lead a small group of our advanced students in conversation through guided topics and engaging discussions. You will help students by correcting their pronunciation, explaining vocabulary and providing encouragement in a safe space for them to practice their English. No experience or Spanish language knowledge required!

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