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May I wish you all a most warm welcome to - Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Activity and Social Group (HBASG).
HBASG's Main aim is for all its highly valued members to have an absolutely fabulous time. Meet people in the Hertfordshire + Beds areas and make new friends and as valued individuals, live life with even more fun 😀.
Events HBASG now run include Fine Dining, Music, Cinema, Bowling and “Specialist events” such as Picnics, BBQ’s, Flying/Gliding/Ballooning/Gardens/Comedy & Hosted holiday events +
We have in fact created quite rapidly a "Fabulously Inclusive “ HBASG community for the benefit of ALL of the Hertfordshire & Beds Area :) 
** To cover the ever increasing running costs incurred from the Meetup Franchise (meetup.com) HBASG now charges from June 2021 + a small BI-ANNUAL FEE of £5 ( but with NO LIMIT’s to the events you can attend. :) All this for the cost of one drink...What Great Value :) **
Please feel free “literally” to have a browse around at our fun filled events calendar via your PC or mobile phone and perhaps even download the Meetup.com APP !.
This group is run by Hugh as the Group Owner & Main Organiser. However HBASG is also a team effort with some great Event Hosts, and many others who kindly put forward their own kind ideas, and/or help host specific events and also aid Hugh with some Planning and Group Event(s) and administration(s). Although …. more help is always kindly needed/appreciated. 

We wish /need ALL OUR MEMBERS to be active/interactive. However we fully appreciate that some newcomers may have some reticence at attending their first event(s). Please don't be shy :) ..We are indeed a fab and introductionally friendly group !
If you feel a little stressed and a little less than intrepid…..Please feel free to private message any of our event host(s) (and/or me ….Hugh) and kindly request we arrange a meeting point either close(r) to or within any HBASG venue(s) actual locale.
Our band of happy Event Hosts will always be pleased to help meet and greet you, but can only do so if you are able/willing to turn up in timely fashion at the events planned venue(s) and posted start time(s).
If, for any reason you have to alter your attendance plans…..Can you as a courtesy, kindly ensure you inform the event host(s) of any such changes by posting a kind comment on the event board.
** If it's on the same day as the event, or the event has already begun, please kindly message the host directly (by text if they have given out their phone number), as they may not be able to see the event comments due to lack of internet at the venue.
HBASG Hosts /Organisers usually permit people to bring guests to almost all events, however some are limited to …”Members only”.
Kindly note that :-
Events are for adults over 18 only unless the event states 'Children Welcome Event '. Guests should be over 18 as well. Please confirm with the event host(s) if you are in any way unsure of the age limitations per event.
And now for the “Fiscal Admin etc “ 
1. The bi-annual fee for HBASG is only £5 which I think you will perhaps agree is.... A GREAT DEAL :) 
2. However once you have attended a few events you may wish to donate £1 to £3 perhaps per event towards the events running costs
For those who are not yet aware, Meetup Ltd (based HQ in the USA) charge every Meetup Group Owner/Organiser a fee of over $140 every 6 months to run their group on Meetup https://www.meetup.com/pricing/.
To recover these meetup costs, HBASG usually organise a few very specialist fun events during the year and then charge a few pounds extra per person.
This coming year (2021+) we will also be requesting funding’s via voluntary contributions – Say an amount of we suggest anything from £1 up to say £10.
(Example Hugh actually generously provides(d) £40+ to the BHS Group, but also pays its own full fees of over $130 per 6 months …Running for the benefit of members areas - HBASG !)
Kindly note that If enough “voluntary funds” are received that go over the HBASG Meetup running cost fees. Any additional funds received will be put aside for the next subscription running cost period J and /or be utilised for running of other fun events such as our fabulous picnics and providing non-alcoholic drinks etc at Gliding/Flying /Picnic/Party EventsLlarger HBASG participation events J
Meantime….We thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you soon at future HBASG Events - HB 
Often Asked Questions :-
Q1) When you expectantly have 1000+ members. What happens if everyone contributes, what will you do with any received profit(s)?
A1) There are currently less than 850 currently actually "active" members. If contributions go over $240 then we will utilise funds received for next years membership fee’s and/or conduct event discounting if a charge is deemed necessary to cover such future event cost(s).
Q2) Why have you asked for Voluntary contributions and membership fee(s) ?
A2) HBASG is run by Hugh. Hugh firmly believes like some others (such as BHS) that, charging large group membership fee(s) can make Meetup Groups far too business orientated. This was not what was originally intended by the originators of “Meetup.com” i.e To create Fun Membership Groups …..For people to mutually enjoy events with !
Note :-
Meetup USA Ltd began with “good intentions” after the US 9/11 attacks to bring
“Impacted families/friends “ together in mutual support …….after such a terrible day !
However Meetup is now a major US company making Million dollar profits via charging us the Meetup group owners/organisers $260 + a year.
Clearly we are giving “absolutely free” to HBASG members our own considerable amount of valuable time and efforts. We would therefore appreciate being able to recoup at least some of the subscription fees we are bi-annually charged by Meetup.com for the benefit of all group members.
Q4) How do I make any donations to HBASG ?
A4) either by contacting Hugh Direct (or any event host/organiser) to provide a voluntary payment
Please contact Hugh direct - If you need his HBASG - BACS account details or for any other reasons, questions or concerns you may have.

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