Get together to synergize “HCx3DP”--Multiply Healthcare By 3D Printing!--in NYC…

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99 Madison Ave., 15th Floor · New York, NY

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ThoughtWorks---a worldwide software development firm for the Fortune 100---is intent on serving BOTH commerce AND common-good. The firm's New York offices are a few blocks southwest of Penn Station, at Madison & East 29th Street, Manhattan.

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Welcome HCx3DP Synergist!

(...present or prospective...)

Our next Meetup Event is Tuesday, 3 February! This is the latest update of our agenda for that coming evening (as of Super Bowl Sunday, 1 February):

We’re delighted to enjoy the generous hosting of ThoughtWorks ( for our 3 February Meetup.

TWorks is the innovative software development house---with offices in 12 countries, a client base in the Fortune 100 and a corporate “Social Impact Program.” The firm’s New York offices are at 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor (at the corner of East 29th Street, a few blocks southeast of Penn Station). Our event there will abide by our regular 6:30 to 8:30 PM event hours.

As promised, we’ve continued to develop our February 3rd “Expert” lineup. Via your attendance, here are the Expert Presenters you will enjoy:

Digital-Laser Fab’ing for Med Devices and BioTech---Sarah Boisvert: Co-Founder and Chief 3D Printing Officer of Potomac Photonics (, a digital-laser fabrication service with particular emphasis in the Medical Device and BioTech industries. She is also the Founder of Fab Lab Hub (with 62K+ Twitter followers!), which supports Fab Labs on the East Coast of the U.S. (Confirmed.)

3DP Retail’s Role in DIY HC---Sylvain Preumont: Founder & Director of iMakr ( of London and New York City. His innovative retail operations foreshadow how this rapidly developing 3DP segment of DIY/DIT end-users, makers, consumers and prosumers are likely to support, lead and invent 3D Printing’s future. We foresee a retail-driven marketplace for DIY Healthcare participants and players---especially with potential strategic alliances with new HC communities like Maker Nurses. (Confirmed.)

3DP Equipment & Process Showcase---Arthur Young-Spivey: Digital Fabrication Specialist at NRI (, a digital-offerings service bureau---supporting the enterprise and professionals---from nine offices in the Northeast Corridor and major cities around the U.S. NRI has now enhanced its integrated technology, data and document management services---delivered on-site or from its production centers---with professional 3DP capabilities. On 3 Feb---because of the popularity of orientations---NRI is helping us to continue showcasing still largely unfamiliar 3DP equipment and functionality for the over-view education of our Meetup audiences. (Confirmed.)

We’re working hard to keep improving on our Meetup successes. We'll evolve our agendas as we build value for our audiences---YOU! Our February 3 Meetup will present our regular event features with on-going upgrades. Our 3 February Agenda now includes:

1. Orientation, Announcements, Evening's Doings [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 5 minutes];

2. Audience self-intros, expectations & wish-lists [Attendees; 5 to 10 minutes];

3. The latest revision of our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation” [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 10 minutes];

4. Tour of NRI's Professional Service-Bureau 3D Printing Lab Via Video & Oral Comment, with Concurrent Q&A [Arthur Young-Spivey, NRI; 20 minutes];

5. A Synergistic Vision of Fab Labs, Medical Devices & DIY/DIT Healthcare [Sarah Boisvert, Fab Lab Hub & Potomac Photonics; 15 minutes];

6. 3DP-Retail's Coming Role in DIY/DIT Healthcare [Sylvain Preumont, iMakr New York; 15 minutes];

7. Roundtable Discussion With Audience Interaction [Land, Arthur, Sarah, Sylvain, ALL; 15 minutes];

8. Audience Polling: Suggestions for Meetup and Community Betterment (e.g., panel topics, experts to recruit, directions we might go, etc.) [15 minutes];

9. Networking | networking | networking with light refreshments.

[Presentations Estimated Run-time: 1:45]

So, fellow HCx3DP Synergists, mark you calendars---and RSVP online ( now---for our “HCx3DP Meetup NY” of Tuesday, 3 February. And, I pledge to keep you updated as we enhance our evening’s rich program.

Best for your (HCx3DP-driven) 2015!


PS. …AND, I promise to share the latest iteration of our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation” with you on 3 February, too…

Land Grant, Organizer



Our "HCx3DP New York" Meetup---HCx3DP stands for "Healthcare Multiplied by 3D Printing"---is designed to help grow a community of Metro NYC "HCx3DP Synergists." Together, we will strive to discover, learn, exchange and advance personal, commercial and common-good knowledge about the new, important and valuable at the exciting and empowering intersection of HC & 3DP in our New York City.

For further background on our Meetup directions (and planned "HCx3DP Ecosystem"), link to my Blog post of 27 October: "HCx3DP New York: The Launch of 'Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing' in the Capital of Healthcare & 3DP (" For an informal overview of how we intend to advance our strategic Campaign, please link to my 17 November post: “Our New HCx3DP Initiative...Bettering NYC's Health Via Three "Cs": Community to Conference to Cluster! (”

C'mon back here to see our on-going Event updates…


, Group Organizer

Land Grant
3DP Journalist & "HCx3DP New York" Organizer
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