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HDworldmedia's Fashion Media Production Workshops offer photographers and videographers - both veteran and emerging - an exclusive opportunity to build their fashion portfolios in iconic locations and under the guidance of world-renowned master photographers supported by full, professional production teams. Our workshops are available to photographers and filmmakers at all levels of their careers and designed to provide an environment highly conducive to honing their crafts and connecting with peers and industry leaders.

Each of our meet and workshops will feature instruction in editorial still photography led by an accomplished and proven master photographer; and videography by an international award-winning filmmaker. Your production team will consist of a professional director, producer, production manager, set and wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists and agency-represented models.

Whether you are new to fashion media and aspire to make your mark or an established producer intending to further build your portfolio and experience, we will provide you with the opportunities to gain knowledge and hone your creative and technical skills. You'll understand the difference between an image that's simply beautiful and one that's actually marketable. And you'll leave with a body of work that proves your talent and wins credibility.

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