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Our charity work on instagram https://www.instagram.com/tannorhenry/

We are a meet up group with members that ranges from 25-45

A good # of events is either at the shelter homes or on the streets feeding the homeless.

Welcome new members!You have joined a meet up group that is not just outgoing, but also, diverse in it's events.Whether it's clubbing,dinning-out,bowling speed dating or even going to poetry readings , we have all the events that will make you appreciate us.We have more private/residential events than any meet up group.My name is Henry and my assistant is Shavonne.We plan to take this meet up to a whole new level.We also plan on doing many indoor events.Yes, we are family!.We combine about 4 meetup and our FB groups for every event, so, it's not just this group.Please come on in and feel comfortable.

Here is our sponsor group http://www.blacknewcomersnetwork.org/

Thanks to Henry for all that he does in managing Black Newcomers Network Charity Org.

members from 25-45 yrs only

1.If you RSVP to an event, you have 24hrs before the event, to change your RSVP to a NO , if you know you will not be attending.

2.We will delete profiles with no personal pics.

Upcoming events (2)

Lets feed the Homeless at Hurt Park

Hurt Park

Some of us may never be empathetic to their situation until you readily go out there in the “trenches” to feed them.This time , we are bypassing the institutions and the shelter homes.We will go out to the park to feed them.Hurt park will be our first stop .If there is enough time and place to park, we can move on to Woodruff or John Calhoun.Meet me on Courtland and right in front of the park.I will be in a grey Camry.I will have the drinks, plates, napkins,water and disposables.All I ask is that you bring 1 large pizza or 1 box of chicken. Any topping.1 large pizza can feed 2-3 people .10 boxes of pizza can feed at least 30 people in the streets.PLEASE DO NOT GO AND INTERRACT WITH THEM UNTIL YOU ARE AROUND ME.We park our cars, and I will walk in the park and call them to come by our cars.When 2 follows me, all the rest will come .Post either pizza and the topping or box of chicken in the comment section and lets make this happen.Please be prompt because this meetup will not take more than an hr.

Let's feed 250 Homeless residents at The Salvation Army.

469 Marietta St NW

We’ve done The Nicholas Shelter Home and The Covenant House, and we have moved on to Salvation Army.Not just a much bigger shelter home, but we have 250 residents to feed .Let's brace ourselves and get in the kitchen to whip up a meal than spending $$$ at the grocery stores.A whole 250 residents in our hands, and yes, we can do it.We have previously fed 80. YOUR DISH SHOULD BE ABLE TO FEED AT LEAST 30-40 RESIDENTS. BRING YOUR DISH TO FEED THESE FAMILIES. Dish entr’e could be meat, Lasagna, casserole,Baked Ziti, etc…. Side dish:mac and cheese, spinach, cabbage ,Nacho dip and tortilla, Cole slaw, mashed potatoe, salald or whatever you feel would be a perfect side dish If your dish item is frozen, we need to bring it up to 32-38 degrees.They do have an oven to warm up your dishes.There is also free parking on the lot. We will feed 250 RESIDENTS, and please bring an item that will feed at least 30-40 because not all 250 will eat your dish.A week before the event , I will need everyone to post their dish item, and without this posting , I will remove you from the rsvp. ITS CHEAPER TO BE IN THE KITCHEN!!

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