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At HERdacity, we believe that a woman’s path should be self-determined. Our platform connects women from all walks of life to empower each other through building bonds and sharing experiences. The stories and successes of our members serve to provide perspective and inspiration to our community, and encourage them to be their most authentic selves.

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Being a part of the HERdacity community comes with benefits. Join us in downtown Austin for a girls night out with guest speaker, Molly Moran! All tickets are buy one, bring a friend free and include a beverage for both of you. This is a great event for networking, connecting, and letting off a little steam. A Wardrobe that Works with Molly Moran We all want to feel put together —to dress in a way that is polished, comfortable and presents our best self to the world. But let’s be honest, between career and family, you have more important things to do than agonizing over what to wear! Molly Moran, creator of the DayReady wardrobe, will be leading an informative and inspirational session to help you create a strategically curated wardrobe that works for life’s daily demands — so you can get dressed without stress and feel good in your clothes all day! Key Takeaways You will learn: • The keys to cohesiveness: principles to help you create outfits seamlessly • The secret to choosing what to wear quickly and confidently • How to hone your own style without having to follow all the “fashion rules” • And most importantly, how to build a wardrobe that serves you! Hosted by HERdacity and open to the public. Speaker BioMolly MoranCreator of The DayReady WardrobeHaving spent over 10 years in the marketing and advertising industry as a creative director and strategist, Molly understands all too well the pressure of “looking the part.” Whether flying to multiple cities in one day for back-to-back client meetings, or presenting a strategy to C-level execs followed by a casual brainstorm session with a junior creative team, Molly constantly found herself in a wide variety of fast-paced meetings where the last thing she needed to be thinking about was whether her outfit was comfortable and appropriate.She realized she needed a wardrobe that was cohesive, versatile, and expressed the best version of herself no matter the occasion. A tall order indeed, but Molly got to work applying her strategy skills usually reserved for clients to her own wardrobe.After spending the past three years developing her wardrobe method, and finding herself in countless conversations with women who have gone through similar wardrobe frustrations, she is bringing her solutions to women everywhere. Read more about Molly’s mission at dayready.co

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