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"Intro to Dividend Investing For Passive Income"
In our first meetup , we will be discussing the following * What is "Dividend Investing" and its role in stock market *Benefits of Investing in Dividend Stocks * Earning "Passive-Income" with Dividend Investing * "5-step" Dividend Investing Guidelines * Reviews and Recommendations on Dividend Investing for Wealth-Building and long-term cash flow * How to use our "Personal Dividend Stock-Tracker" to keep record of your investments See you soon at our upcoming meetup, RSVP*** Tickets - $30.00 (Cash payment) " Stock that does not pay a dividend is just a speculation, not an investment- Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank)

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"High-Yields" Dividend Investment Group is a private investment network focusing on educating, empowering and discussing strategies on "Dividend-Stock Investing for additional cash-flow and passive-income generation.

Our goal is to collabarate together as a group of new or experienced investors to analyze and select the best "Dividend-Stocks" to provide an additional cash-flow to help with bill payments, retirement planning, unexpected expenses and ultimately to build long-term passive-income.

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