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Meet EVERY Thursday night in our exclusive CHAT ROOM!
I gave the link to our chat room and some were bold enough to try it, but I'd like more of you to join in. So, I'm scheduling a day of the week that any and all of you out there looking to connect with a special someone or a group of supportive individuals that will understand the hurdles and the pitfalls we encounter while runnng this rat race. Maybe you've begun jogging in this race and want to find someone that likes the pace you've decided to set for yourself. Maybe you've sat down and need help to stand back up. Whatever your pace may be, I'm certainty that on Thursday nights you'll find some level of support that you may need and/or some level of self-worth when you've been able to give sjpport. It really is a win-win. So, starting tonight at 9pm to whenever, let's meet in our exclusive chat room. Located here: See you there! Monique Please feel free to call with any questions:[masked] I will only not be in the chat room on Thursday nights if our group has a scheduled meetup at a venue.

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Life goes on. Sure not how we'd hoped, but it does go on. So, let's make it the best we can make it! There are a lot of activities we can do together to socialize and stay active. Building a POSITIVELY supportive, active, fun, and interesting community of all walks of life will help us not allow the world's stigma of who we represent to creep into our psyche. Let's have fun, stay educated about our illness, support one another through challenges, and make friendships that will make it all worthwhile. Whether you're heterosexual, LGBTQ, married, single, have children or not, you are all welcomed and encouraged to join. The minimal membership fee is only to discourage nosey people from gawking at the list of members and any scheduled activities. It will only ever be used for this Meetup group's monthly fee and/or toward anything else pertaining to this group. (Proof of this will ALWAYS be provided upon request).

I look forward to doing all kinds of fabulous activities with all of you!

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