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This meetup is truly unique. It is comprised of top SEO and Internet Marketing professionals who aren't looking to sell a single thing to meetup attendees. Crazy right??

The owners of this meetup have been having monthly meetings all though 2015 and 2016, dedicated to a small group of SEO and Internet Marketing professionals who get together to share tips, techniques, ideas and patterns that they have discovered over time - truly a "pure" sharing experience, with no agenda other than helping each other, just "be" better.

And it worked - so well in fact that we opened the meetup to new people in December of 2016, and that as well went amazingly well. With a room full of professionals openly sharing all they had to share. Truly something you don't see in this industry.

In 2017, we are opening this thing up and because we have people who come from out of state, we are moving it to a quarterly meeting. This meetup should be considered as a National Meetup. ONLY come if you are interested and learning WITHOUT RESERVATIONS. If this is not you, please don't waste our time or your time. This is the mastermind or all masterminds, without the crazy fees!


ALL techniques, methods, systems, etc are and will be entertained at these meetups. If you are easily offended by Grey of Black hat methods, please stay away. While we do not focus on these methods, they are commonly addressed in these meetings.

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