What we're about

This is an interactive meetup group for Hong Kong and Macau users, explorers, enthusiasts and experts of Apache Spark ( http://spark.apache.org/ ). We also team up with Apache Spark Meetup groups from different other countries.

Spark is a Unified Computing Engine for parallel data processing, machine learning and deep learning in the Cloud and On-Premises. We'll be rotating among different locations in Downtown Core and around Central Business District. Spark-packages ( http://spark-packages.org/ ) , MLflow ( http://www.mlflow.org/ ), Distributed TensorFlow, HorovodRunner, and so on.

Our Slack workspace for Q&A and banter: https://dbricks.co/apache-spark-apj (https://apache-spark-apj.slack.com/%C2%A0) (this is an invite link)

The goal is to establish a way for Apache Spark users in Hong-Kong and Macau to share their knowledge of various Apache Spark+AI features, show-case their projects and findings, learn best practices and discuss performance tuning.

Aiming to keep 201+ Level. Please, understand concepts of "Gentle Introduction" or other Apache Spark series (for example, http://dbricks.co/dsguidetospark ). One of the easiest way to try Apache Spark is to install Apache Spark using 'brew install apache-spark' or to use Community Edition on the Cloud ( https://databricks.com/try-databricks ) .

We're looking for speakers! Please, reach out to the organizers, we'll propose and discuss some topics.

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