#HNLondon, October 2014

Public group

Central Foundation Boys School

Cowper Street · London

How to find us

Go through the big gate on Cowper St, inside courtyard head left and go in via the second set of steps on left

Location image of event venue


The plan for the next meetup is below. If you RSVPed Yes, but can longer make it, please update your status so someone else can take your place :)

18:30 - Beers and pizza
19:00 - Introduction from sponsors
19:05 - David Gideh (https://twitter.com/dgildeh) - Using Customer Development to get Traction in a Crowded Space
David was the founder of Sambastream which he sold to Alfresco and is now working on his new server monitoring startup Dataloop.io (https://www.dataloop.io/). He will talk about how they used Customer Development to validate ideas, initial customers and why despite the proliferation of Open-Source tools they are getting traction in a crowded market.
19:25 - Jon Topper (https://twitter.com/jtopper) - Mitigating Sturgeon's Revelation - building platforms for the real world
Jon is a devops engineer who has worked with the likes SecretSales, Songkick and Glasses Direct to help them develop scalable infrastructure and solve tricky technical problems. He will discuss what developers can do to make their software more robust, with examples of mistakes he has seen in the field.
19:45 - Stephan Tual (https://twitter.com/stephantual) - The upcoming innovation singularity
Stephan is the COO at the Ethereum (https://www.ethereum.org/) project. His focus is on the development of applications deployed on top of a decentralized singleton spanning the globe. He is particularly interested in the potential for societal change engendered by users regaining control over both their funds and personal information.
20:05 - Break
20:25 - Ben Phillips (https://twitter.com/_benji) - Motivation and drive: what makes a great engineering culture
Ben is the CTO at Thread.com and will be discussing what motivates an engineer to produce great work, but from the engineer's point of view. Spoiler: it's not a huge salary, 3 monitors, super-fast computers, a fusball table and free food - he'll be looking at the psychological aspects and a lot of the misconceptions around current thinking.
20:45 - George Berkowski (https://twitter.com/georgeberkowski) - London's Second Billion Dollar App
George was the Head of Product at HAILO and most recently has published a book called How to Build a Billion Dollar App (http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Build-Billion-Dollar-entrepreneurs-ebook/dp/B00HP4HBVA/ref=la_B00LUR8B9E_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1411492651&sr=1-1), where he looks at the factors that went into making the biggest apps in the world such stellar breakout success stories. If that was not enough he also holds a degree in Rocket Science from MIT.
21:30 - Pub - http://www.thewindmillinthecity.com/

One of our regular attendees, Milverton Wallace has recently set up a charity that provides free programming teaching to kids aged 8-14. He is looking for some volunteers to get involved and help out with the teaching. If you are interested in getting involved, you can find more info at http://wizziewizzie.org/volunteering/ or if you can email them at [masked] .

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