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Please RSVP on our Eventbrite page at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hnlondon-october-2017-tickets-38980755489

We are back for another awesome #HNLondon, this time at a new venue: WeWork Moorgate. If you have not been before, it's an evening of geeky fun where you can meet lots of likeminded people and enjoy great talks from London's top tech and entrepreneurial talent. We have the following delights planned for you

18:15 - Beers (courtesy of our friends at DeskBeers (https://www.deskbeers.com/)) and pizza
18:45 - Introductions
18:50 - Lee Provoost (https://medium.com/@leeprovoost) - CTO at Andiamo (http://andiamo.io/)
There needs to be a shift in focus. Size matters.
A lot of foundational infrastructure in our society is broken. We have increasing congestion problems, a housing crisis, a growing aging population and we don’t have enough healthcare professionals (nor the money to pay them). However, there is an opportunity that lies in every crisis. It’s the first time in history where we have the tools to tackle some of the big “boring” problems with a small team and make a serious dent. This is why we started Andiamo. We set out to solve major global healthcare problems, starting with the orthopaedic industry. The aim of this talk is to encourage you to stop working on incremental improvements and to shift focus to solving the big exciting problems that matter.
19:10 - Romain Huet (https://twitter.com/romainhuet) and Ross Sheil (https://twitter.com/rossysheil) - Stripe
Building for Builders
Stripe's reputation for developer experience has allowed them to describe their platform as the new standard in e-commerce, Romain will share 8 tips for building great API experiences in the new API economy whilst Ross will share some of the lessons learned by Stripe in working with the startup ecosystem!
19:30 - Break and networking
19:50 - Ola Sitarska (https://twitter.com/olasitarska) - Founder of Django Girls (https://djangogirls.org/)
From one free workshop to 10,000 women learning to code Python in 3 years
Django Girls is a non-profit organisation that provides resources to help volunteers organise free Python and Django workshops for women worldwide. In three years, a one humble workshop in Berlin grew to a charity that organised more than 420 events for 11500 women. Ola, the co-founder of Django Girls will share what she thinks were the biggest factors contributing of the incredible growth of the community.
20:10 - Marius Schatke (https://twitter.com/mariuslon) and Emil Vaughan (https://twitter.com/EmilLondonv) - Citymapper
Citymapper: how to run a bus
App company transitions to running a bus. Can a team of software engineers and data scientists run a bus service in London?

As always we'll have tons of pizza and craft beer (courtesy of our friends at DeskBeers (https://www.deskbeers.com/)). The hashtag for the event is #HNLondon and you can find videos of past talks at https://vimeo.com/hnlondon . We now have a Slack group to chat about all things tech, jobs, start-ups etc. Please email [masked] for an invite. We also have a fast-growing contractor mailing list. If you are a contract developer and want to receive jobs direct from hiring companies, sign up at http://eepurl.com/byq7Af or if you want hire some of London's finest developers, you can post jobs from https://www.hnlondon.com/#contracts .

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