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Do you want to understand how the body works?. But you are tired of the usual linear and closed-minded approach of the conventional educational system that leaves you feeling something is missing and you are not not able to fully connect the dots.

Education is key, we all know that. But as adults living in the modern world, we demand a learning experience that encompass in equal value the material and spiritual notions of ourselves.

Hello, my name is Adriano Mangogna, a qualified holistic nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. I provide the charming learning environment for the keen individuals that want to expand their understanding of the workings of their whole body in a material and energetic structure.

I warmly welcome you to join The Holistic Nutrition Education, and I am looking forward to meeting you at one of my upcoming classes.

Best Wishes,

Adriano Mangogna (mCMA)

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The Skeletal System: Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

Brighter Spaces Islington

Energy Nutrition

Brighter Spaces Islington


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