The Third Annual Triple Tower Challenge (42~ Miles).

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Welcome to the Catskills Triple Tower Challenge

This event is geared towards the extreme advanced, self-reliant endurance athlete who strives to challenge their innermost self. The prospective participant should be a seasoned hiker/trail-runner with dedicated weeks, months and years of combined long distance with elevation experience


The course will span across 42 miles of the most aggressive mountainous terrain the Catskills has to offer. There will be four trails in which The Devils Path (21+ miles) and The Warner Creek Trail (13.6 miles) present the bulk of the challenge. The challenge will not be successfully met until the participant has reached the following three historic Fire Towers within a 22 hour period:

Mt. Tremper Fire Tower

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower


The course will originate at the Mt. Tremper Trailhead off of Route 40 (Old Rt. 28) in Phoenicia. This first segment spans 13.6 miles and consists mainly of the Warner Creek Trail. The Warner Creek Trail will bisect the Devil’s Path atop Plateau Mountain. The next segment will be to head west on the Devil’s Path to the Hunter Mt. Fire Tower. Interestingly enough, this out and back will tally 13.6 miles. The Route 214 crossing at Stony Clove Notch will provide an excellent opportunity for a drop bag and to quickly rest and replenish. The next portion of the course will be to traverse the eastern section of the Devil’s Path. This will be a painstakingly difficult task as we traverse the four major summits: Plateau, Sugarloaf, Twin and Indian Head- respectively. Following the descent of Indian Head Mt., the Devil's Path will bisect the Overlook trail, which will lead to the Overlook Fire Tower. The last portion of the challenge is the Overlook Spur, which will take us to the terminus at Meads Mountain Rd., Woodstock, NY.

2017 Saily 19h12min
2017 David 19h12min


Catskills Trail Map #141

Car shuttles will be determined and arranged at the later date.

There will be multiple bailout opportunities. In the event this becomes a reality, you are responsible for your own transportation.

There will be a drop bag opportunity at the Rt. 214 crossing.

Rain may cancel this event.

****All prospective attendees will remain on the waitlist until approval by an organizer.

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