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The Umbwe route is not a technical route, but it is a very direct, very steep, very tough, and in parts very exposed route.

To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro you have to do some planning and some preparation.
Planning and preparation are crucial to the success of a Kilimanjaro climb!
Planning and preparation will determine how much you enjoy, or not, the whole trek, from start to finish.

Five days is the absolute minimum duration for a Kilimanjaro trek, six is better. For the popular Machame route six days is the minimum, seven days is recommended.
Taking an extra day for acclimatization will greatly improve your chances to reach the summit. There are longer treks available for those who can afford them

Selecting your trekking agency/climb operator

Mount Kilimanjaro is protected by the Kilimanjaro National Park. Access is restricted and the steep Kilimanjaro park fees make a Kilimanjaro climb rather expensive.

How to Prepare for you Kilimanjaro Adventure

You need to do some preparation before you can climb Kilimanjaro:

•You need to book your flights.
•You need to organize your visa.
•You need to get the required vaccinations.
•You need to buy or rent the necessary equipment.
•You need to get yourself into shape.

Booking your flights
The closest airport to Mt. Kilimanjaro is, yep, Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). Kilimanjaro Airport is situated half way between Arusha and Moshi, and most people land there.

Mt. Kilimanjaro itself is closer to Moshi. Many trekking agencies are located there, though you also find a good number in Arusha. (Arusha is also the "safari capital" of Tanzania and the gateway to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire etc.) If you are planning an extended Tanzania trip you may also want to fly to/from one of the other main airports in the area: Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar or even Nairobi.

Organizing your visa
You need a visa to enter Tanzania and a passport that's valid for at least another 6 months. If your country of residence does have a Tanzanian embassy, phone them or check their website to find out how to obtain your visa.
If your country does not have a Tanzanian embassy, you can buy a visa upon arrival in Tanzania.

Getting your vaccinations
You may need a yellow fever certificate and there are a number of other vaccinations recommended. Some of them need to be started months in advance, so talk to your doctor soon. Depending on your travel plans you may also want to take anti-malaria medication. Talk to your doctor about it.

Organizing the necessary equipment
If you booked with a quality operator then quality camping equipment is included in the price. Many Kilimanjaro tour operators also offer other gear for rent, gear that you may not want to purchase for one time use only or may not want to lug around Tanzania on an extended trip. Equipment you can often rent includes down sleeping bags, insulation pads and down jackets.
Beyond that you will also need very good quality, thermal under and upper layers of clothing, gloves, warm hat, good sunglasses, sunscreen (for the lips, too!), a day pack, rain protection for everything, water bottles/camel back and more. Most importantly you need high quality hiking boots and they need to be well broken in!
Here is a link to list of essential Kilimanjaro equipment
Packing List Link

Getting yourself into shape
No special expertise or mountaineering equipment. That sounds easy but isn't!
Read about training for Kilimanjaro and beating altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro.

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