Outdoor movie season begins!


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I will arrive early and setup a large tarp for us. In the hoagies spirit please bring some goodies to share . I would bring food or eat before you get to the park as food lines can take over an hour.

WEDNESDAY JULY 17 th, 2018
Pre-Screening Performance at 7PM, Film Begins at Sundown

7PM: Cultural Performances & Food Offerings
Nightfall: Film begins
Directed by Mo Scarpellio
2019 / 86 mins
Not Rated
Programmed by Rooftop Films

A brand new condominium has shot up in the Ethiopian countryside, pushing farmers off their land for the construction, promising thousands of others a “better” way of life. Anbessa follows one boy caught between the two as he navigates modernization on his own terms in order to survive in a brave new world.

Anbessa is preceded by a short film:

The Orphan / O Órfão (Brazil)
Directed by Carolina Markowicz
2018 / 15 minutes

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