WORMTOWN Music Festival 2019

Camp Kee-wanee

· Greenfield, MA

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A lot of folks who attended the Weekend in the Catz events expressed serious interest in attending this music festival together. The music is good, the vibe is great and the woodland camping area is magical with decorations; especially at night.

This festival is unique in that the gates are always open, so folks can leave and return at any time. This is great for making food and beer runs. Its also great for exploring the surrounding area during the day. I will take anyone interested in exploring to some beautiful swimming holes nearby, in pristine river waters; and even on an easy scenic hike. Those who want a more strenuous hike for the weekend can plan to do Mt. Greylock (1.25 hrs away) or the Holyoke range or Mt. Tom (both 30 min away). Folks who don't mind spending more money for the weekend can opt to do whitewater rafting/tubing on the Deerfield River (30 min away) or ziplining.

The main activities of the weekend will be glamping, exploring the festival grounds and vibing to good music together.

Thursday night is optional but great for grabbing a good tent site. I will arrive Thursday and try to grab as big of a tent site as possible so we can all camp together. However I'll probably need someone else to help hold such a large space down. Most folks will arrive Friday.


Wormtown is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional music and arts celebration! This will be a place for harmony amongst joyful adventurers. We will be uniting for three days and two nights of amazing music, art, dance, participatory shared experience on 200 acres of private land in the beautiful Pioneer Valley.

Wormtown will entice and thrill you with a seemingly endless selection of musical performers. Get ready to dance, play, sing, and interact with your fellow members of the Wormtown community. The woodland campsite art of our community is a bedrock of the event, mingling with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual climate of the three day joy-fest. We want all participants to create art in their own way and invite the people of this gathering to feel free to express themselves openly, respectfully and lovingly.


There are different group activities to nurture body, mind and soul in natural, healthful ways. The Holistic Village hosts educational and lifestyle-enhancing activities such as Kung Fu, sound healing, medicinal plant walks, “Featured Talks” on a variety of subjects, and much more.
Look for beautiful and hypnotizing fire spinning performances every night at Wormtown Music Festival during main stage performances and around the campfire! The Wormtown Fire Tribe is also very welcoming to newcomers – wanna learn something new? Don’t be afraid to ask!


WOODED TENT CAMPING IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR TICKET. Spots are selected on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to join us early, starting Thursday (NO EARLIER THAN 3PM) to setup your campsite and see some early music. Thursday Early Admission runs from 3pm to 9am Friday morning, when general admission opens. Tents Down by 4pm on Sunday.
Cars are not allowed in the campgrounds so you must park and carry your gear. PRO WORM TIP: Grab a tarp or your tent and use it claim your spot when you find it, then go back for the rest of your stuff. Many newcomers make the mistake of wandering around with loads of stuff while they look for a good spot.
Porto-potties are available throughout camping and are cleaned regularly. There is potable water available and Camp Kee-Wanee sells ice. Coolers and grills are ok to bring, and there are lots of food vendor options. No open fires!
No glass bottles. Coolers are okay.
Once gates open, they do not close. You can come and go as you please. Please do not remove your bracelet.


Tickets for the event are sold on a tiered pricing system. We encourage you to buy tickets early to guarantee you get one and to save money!

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