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    35er, U6er, CL50-U, LG12ster, 6/8 NEU8
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    "What day is it?" - asked Pooh "It's today" - squeaked Piglet "My favorite day" - said Pooh
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    Hi, I'm Dan - I love high altitude & winter hiking!
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    Camping, Hiking, Kayaking and Motorcycles.
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    Enjoy hiking!
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    I'm a lover of hiking and all things outdoors- and especially of sharing that passion for the hiking with the next generation, which is why I'm Chair of Inner City Outings, a group that brings NYC youth hiking!
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    Love to Explore! In pursuit of 50 state high peaks and all points in between.
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    Avid hiker and photographer. Love food , nature had outdoors
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    I love the outdoors
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    I love outdoors
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    I love hiking and adventures this sounds like a great group to join.
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    I'm a Catskill Regular & Winter 35er, Saranac 6er & Adirondack 46er. I Love to get outdoors and want to meet like minded individuals who are equally passionate about Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rock Scrambling, Caving, Kayaking, etc.
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    I am the type of person that loves to live life. I always have room for outdoor fun. I enjoy meeting new people, exploring new places, and experiencing new things. LIVE it up. Explore. Experienc. Enjoy.
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    Tom and enjoy all things outdoor!
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    I enjoy the outdoors and meeting new people.
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    Organizer for www.meetup.com/KYCHBC/ http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Single-Parents/ and http://www.meetup.com/LI-singleparents/
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    hello! I am Kay from long island and I live to find new adventures , beautiful places and awesome friends!
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    Caves and Trails....that's my name...Pallbearer
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    My name is Julia and I'm a former city-gal who's discovering the beauty of the outdoors.
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    Usually drive from Ossining and willing to carpool.