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How to Re-Boot Your Brain and Get Out of Defense Physiology

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At this evening gathering, an incredibly quick, yet effective and powerful, method to exit the stress response by “rebooting” the nervous system will be explained. You will really want to know about this method if you are interested in natural health and wellness. Alphabiotics represents a breakthrough in the understanding and relief of stress, the #1 cause of dis-ease in this country today. It does this by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and producing an alpha brainwave state that lasts much longer than any produced by meditation, binaural beats, brainwave 'optimization', etc.

We have found that even if you - Eat perfectly • Exercise • Do yoga • Use positive thinking • Get massages • Take bubble baths • Or, all of the above - chances are that your nervous system has adapted to modern stress with defense physiology! While it is important to have good habits for optimum wellness, we have discovered that if your nervous system is locked in an inappropriate defensive state, you are still moving away from your biological and spiritual potential and moving toward premature aging and dis-ease.

In the 1990’s Dr. Virgil Chrane examined 25 professional meditators from India representing various yoga disciplines, including Bikram, Haffa and Kundalini to see if they were free of the characteristic signs of the defense physiology pandemic among the general population. Not one passed his simple stress screening… How is that possible?

Simply put, the primitive Fight or Flight response is not designed for OUR stress. The challenges of living today are unavoidable and unending. Job and money worries, deadlines, traffic, chemical and electromagnetic pollution, prescription drugs, poor diet, GMO’s, fatigue, chronic health problems, aging, disappointments in love or career, relationship issues, care giving, child rearing, negative self-talk – are collectively unrelenting. Without a clear ending, the body becomes trapped in an outer-reactive, energy wasting, defensive state. This leaves the body unable to heal and maintain itself properly. Alphabiotics returns the body to its natural state, with both brain hemispheres fully active, and immensely positive results follow, on many levels, to you, the person receiving the process.

Please join us for a discussion of how stress affects us neurologically, bio-mechanically, bio-chemically, and spiritually. A complimentary stress screening will determine if you have adapted to modern stress in an unhealthy way.

***ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Over the past 20 years, Clark Reddick has studied various forms of energy healing, but it was Alphabiotics that saved his life and captured his imagination. In 2012 he obtained board certification to share the Alphabiotic approach to effortless transformation.***

To learn more about Alphabiotics please visit:

A message from Janice ~ Since I am hosting the meet-up at my home, seating is limited. Please RSVP. If you RSVP but cannot come, please un-RSVP to make that seat available to someone else, even if you think it’s too late. I will serve tea and possibly a vegan treat.

Address: 23 Chamberlain Terrace (Private Way), Waltham - last house on the right. Parking: 5 options:

1. Pull onto Chamberlain Terrace and park on the immediate right next to the evergreen bushes.

2. Drive to the end of the Terrace, turn in our driveway and park across the street next to the fence, pulling all the way forward to allow other cars to park behind you.

3. If this is full, one car may park in front of our home, tight to the grass.

4. If these are taken you may park in our driveway

5. If no options remain, please park on Townsend Street which is west of Chamberlain Terrace, off Main St (a 2-3 minute walk).

PLEASE do not park in front of any neighbors homes as Chamberlain Terrace is private property. Please drive very slowly on Chamberlain Terrace as our neighborhood mothers have children. Thank you for your considerate cooperation in this matter.

We look forward to meeting you!