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African-American Heritage Day @ Children's Museum

Details the rich legacy of a people as the Children's Museum hosts the annual African-American Heritage Day. The museum will offer a whirl-wind tour through the history of African American culture that will feature an interactive drum workshop, immersive storytelling, make-and-take crafts, games and more! Activity included with paid admission.

11 am & 12:45 pm: African-Dance & Percussion – Atumpan The Talking Drums & Co. African percussion and an interactive dance circle.

11:30 am: “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” Game show Random members of the audience will be asked to compete against one another to see who can remember the lyrics to songs from throughout the African-American musical genres. The last contestant standing wins!

Noon & 4 pm: Storytelling and Orisirisi African Folklore Don Harrell and his Nigerian wife Tutu will interact with the audience while teaching them “many different things”- the translation of Orisirisi.

1:00 pm & 2:30 pm: Black Hat Walters Blues Duo Illustrating the evolution of Blues and its impact on Hip-Hop.

1:45 pm & 3:00 pm: Break Dancers. Dancers will discuss the role of break dancing as one of the 4 elements of Hip-Hop culture while providing demonstrations.

3:30 pm & 4:30 pm: Talton Manning, Jazz Saxophonist. Mr. Manning will provide a brief discussion of some of Jazz’s great legends and their impact on African-American music as well as play some of the standard Jazz classics.

Hampton Roads History Scavenger Hunt
Visitors would be given clues to locate poster pictures of famous intellects, athletes, actors, musicians, historical sites relevant to Hampton Roads African-American history. Once they have located all of the items on the scavenger hunt, they can redeem them for a prize.

This is an all day event. Let me know when your there. I'm only going there for about an hour. If you want to coodinate a brunch, lunch let me know. But over all don't wait on me. Go have a great family time.

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