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Lessons Learned in Ongoing Performance Management by Joris Luijke

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Joris Luijke was the guru behind the bleeding edge HR innovations at Atlassian, where he led HR during their rapid growth from 130 to 700 employees. There, Joris was responsible for winning numerous HR industry awards including the Human Capital Institute Award for HR Innovation and top rankings in the Great Places to Work Awards.

Under Joris’ lead, Atlassian’s new approach to performance management won them the prestigious M-prize from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), and led to a feature in Forbes Magazine. His approach involved replacing traditional performance reviews with a series of monthly one-on-one meetings with specific topics of conversation, two of which are dedicated to discussing performance.

He is now stateside at Squarespace as the VP of People leading their Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Office Experience functions. At Squarespace, Joris has continued to refine his performance management methodology and build-on the lessons he learned from what worked and what didn't at Atlassian.

At this event, we lucky few will get to learn from Joris’ as he walks us through his adventures in performance management and describes his current process.

You can read more about his work at Atlassian at the two articles below: