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This talk is dedicated to helping you understand how you can easily build reusable pieces of user interface while assembling your overall experience. Specifically the emerging technology of web components is introduced as the way you can package your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce drop-in solutions. It’s like building UI elements and widget controls for the web.

By using this tactic to architect your sites you’ll reduce time, and increase quality, of the work your development team produces. See how designers and developers will use the deep functionality web components offer. Make custom HTML tags backed by the necessary markup, style, and code. This unique bundle mixes presentation with behavior creating rich and flexible micro-interactions.

I’ll review how the popular browser makers are implementing this emerging technology on desktop and mobile. I’ll introduce Google’s Polymer library as a way you can use web components now while platform owners are in the process of supporting the proposed standard.

Take the time to attend this talk and learn what’s coming tomorrow, and what’s available today, with this significant and transformative browser technology.

What You Will Learn:

How the emerging web components standard, defined by the W3C group, intends to reshape how we build websites in the near future.

What the popular web browser makers are doing to support this new standard on desktop and mobile.

See how Google’s Polymer enables you to use web component technology across all modern browsers now.

Introduce the idea of building reusable CSS, HTML, and JavaScript packages that are drop-in solutions rather than one-off constructs.

Understand the flexibility of a component’s look and feel through attributes, which are familiar to everyone working in HTML today.

Get introduced with web components while positioning yourself for the upcoming evolution of building websites with this technology.


Ken Tabor is a veteran product engineer with years of experience developing consumer-driven products on cutting-edge platforms. He shares his enthusiasm for technology as an active blogger, and frequent speaker at leading conferences.

His first book, Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites Into Shape, was published by Focal Press August 2015.

Ken’s shipping work includes web sites, mobile apps, and video games published by Atari, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts. His current emphasis is building modern solutions with open-source technology including JavaScript, Sass, Backbone, Ruby, and NodeJS. Areas of interest include mobile, UX, analytics, responsive design, leadership, chocolate, and coffee.

Over the past 4 years Ken has helped millions of travelers get where they need to go by being a leading part of the Sabre team building TripCase. TripCase is an award winning travel product comprised of a mobile website and hybrid apps for iOS and Android.