What we're about

HTXNET is the Greater Houston Texas Area Networking Resource Directory for people who network.

We empower businesses with tips, tools and strategies they need to more effective in their networking activities.

Registered businesses and networking groups will have the following benefits:
1. Business members may upload details (printed material, brochures, videos, presentations) about their businesses, for FREE!
2. Each networking group receives their own, individual website with a directory of it's members, FREE!
3. Members may exchange leads with their referrals partners both within their networking groups and outside of their network with other networking groups on HTXNET's proprietary referral platform, for FREE!
4. Members can track the status of each lead, update information concerning leads and report lead values for revenue tracking for all leads groups, also for FREE!
5. Members may conduct virtual One-On-One's using HTXNET's proprietary "1on1 Meeting" platform. YEP! Also FREE!
6. Members may download educational material and networking development worksheets, for FREE!
7. Locate networking groups and events all over the Greater Houston Area all in a single place and within seconds! You guessed it: FREE!

You're already networking. Extend your network by becoming a part of the Greater Houston Area Networking Resource Directory so you can be found by other networking professionals in the community and start generating more referrals today!

GET STARTED TODAY! It's simple, it's easy and the best part? IT'S FREE! Be sure to register your business at:


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