• HUBRISmusic: Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Group.

    Haven Green Baptist Church


    First group we'll be aiming to get to know each other abit as musicians, some of you it will be your very first Guitar lesson others will have previous experience so we'll find out where you're starting from (your interests/goals etc.)! We'll cover some fundamentals that should benefit everyone and talk about a few principles that you can apply to your practices to make them 1) a more efficient use of your time and 2) more effective (with a few exact goals to, hopefully, help you measure your progress) > Anybody not familiar with reading chord diagrams/TABs etc we'll touch on that and then we'll branch off with some suggested material for the beginners and some separate suggestions/material for the people with previous experience... This is a general overview with a few guarantees but much of what we go over will depend on what you guys say to me, theres alot of directions we can head in depending on whats relevant to you at the point you're at in your playing! Its a very relaxed atmosphere so we'll see where we go! - I normally email through any sheets/music post lesson but printouts are available if needs be, if youre attending and would like printouts just let me know through here. Any questions just let me know and see you on the day! Matt