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Hosted by Hadoop Users Group Pittsburgh

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Patrick Dudas will talk about

From Patrick:

So this story will sound quite similar to most, but from an early age I loved programming (and if you count changing the screen color on my family’s Commodore 64, then you could say an incredibly young age). For about 15 years, all the coding I was doing used structured coding, such as C and printing out very large flat files or filling databases. It wasn’t until 2008, when I started doing grid-computing programming at the Clinical Pharmacology department at Pitt, that I decide to actually add a front-end to this endless 1/0s print out. Using some pretty complicated coding in XML, XPath, and SVG, I was able to design a few GUIs, which brought to light my love of visualizations, and when coupled with external data sources and interaction, my current and future research topic. Then one day, the clouds parted and a simple graphical library was built, using the same SVG I loved utilizing, called Protovis. Protovis eventually became D3.js, and I’ve been using it non-stop now for about 3 to 4 years. What I would like to demonstrate at the meetup is a simple “how-to” for D3 (with a very small dataset), additional resources I utilize to create more sophisticated interfaces, and finally, how to connect larger sources of data to D3 and how its use of Enter, Update, and Exit can make the world a more visual place when coupled with external data.

I hope you can make it.