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Do you believe your thinking creates your life?

Maybe you've read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay and want to develop a new awareness and appreciation for life!

Damien Munro - Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Coach is here to help you take this heart centred work to a whole new level!

Here are some things to keep close at hand while we take this journey. Louise Hay's Power Points:

• We are each responsible for our experiences.

• Every thought we think is creating our future.

• Everyone is dealing with the damaging patterns of resentment, criticism, guilt, and self-hatred.

• It's only a thought and a thought can be changed.

• We must release the past and be willing to forgive.

• Self-approval and self-acceptance in the “now” are the keys to positive change.

• The point of power is always in the present moment.

Our meeting location is on Queens Road in Melbourne/St Kilda Road Central. With amble on street parking, a comfortable meeting room, and is easily accessible via public transport and all major highways.

For just $20 per session, this is a great opportunity to REALLY transform your beliefs with a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach who is authorised by Louise Hay and Hay House to offer these programs in a safe and effective manner.

When these tools/skills/practices are put into place and used, they WILL transform your life!

What to bring with you: A journal, pen/pencil, colored pencils/markers, jumper/jacket, and an open mind & heart!

If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to contact me directly. I am so incredibly excited about sharing this journey with you.

In Joy,
Damien Munro – Author, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher Life Coach, and Feng Shui Practitioner.


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Mind/Body Healing: How To Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body

Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Williamstown

The aches and pains and illnesses in our bodies often reflect mental and emotional patterns happening inside us. If we can understand these patterns, it can help us transform our physical bodies. Learn how to: - Tap into what your body is trying to tell you. - Discover the radical power your mind has to help you heal. - Create peace in your mind and body. - Understand the 5 emotions which steal your health and lower your immune system! In this talk Damien helps you understand how your thought patterns impact your health and learn how to use your mind to help you heal.

Heal Your Life Teacher Training

The George Kerferd

BECOME A CERTIFIED HEAL YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP LEADER! Workshop Leader Certification Training Course www.HealYourLife.net.au 9th - 16th November 2019 The George Kerford Hotel Albert Rd, Beechworth VIC 374 Authorised by Hay House Inc. and a fantastic investment in a new or expanded career. Becoming a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader blends extremely well with other modalities and also takes your own understanding of Louise's philosophies to a deeper level to create powerfully positive changes in your personal & professional life. ======================================================================= WHAT HAPPENS DURING TRAINING? ======================================================================= Imagine spending the most incredible week of your life with the perfect group of like-minded people all committed to bringing positive changes to the world as well as improving their own personal lives. Our small group sizes provide an excellent environment for learning and personal healing and you return home as a ‘Certified & Authorised Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader’ with all the skills, materials, advertising ideas, enthusiasm and follow-up support to help make a huge positive change in our world, all based on the philosophies of Louise Hay. How often in our busy lifestyles do we have a chance to take a week just for ‘ourselves’ in a gorgeous location, including accommodation, delicious meals and sharing with like-minded people…? Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training, also known as Teacher Training is complimented with a week of personal healing on all levels. A truly incredible 7 days where Damien Munro, Australia and New Zealand's Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer is very passionate about training amazing, successful HYL workshop leaders! ======================================================================= WHAT'S INCLUDED? ======================================================================= You receive a manual for presenting the Heal Your Life workshops and courses, including scripts for the 2-day Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop and a script for a 6-10 week study course. You receive music, handouts, advertising and marketing information and loads more! At the end of this intensive training, you'll have everything you need to become a confident and competent Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. -- INTENSIVE TRAINING -- Intense and professional training as a workshop leader and extensive FOLLOW-UP and SUPPORT after the training to assist you in your success. This training is complete in the fact you work on your own “stuff” during the course of the week. By no means do you have to be completely whole or healed in order to take this training! Taking this training is part of healing yourself in preparation to be a confident workshop leader. -- PERSONAL HEALING -- Start your training experiencing by participating in the 2-day training that you'll be trained, certified and licenced to teach upon arriving home. As the week progresses you'll take your own personal healing to deeper levels and personal growth to amazing new heights, all based on Louise Hay’s philosophy. It’s an extraordinary week of healing on all levels, mind, body spirit and emotions. Along with becoming certified to teach Louise's philosophy, you will experience profound shifts for yourself! -- GETTING THERE -- We begin at 5 pm on the first Saturday and conclude with dinner and presentations the following Friday evening. Albury is a direct flight from Sydney and we provide a bus service for you, to and from Beechworth as part of your investment. For those travelling from Victoria and New South Wales, you may prefer to drive. Driving Times (estimate): Melbourne To Beechworth - 3 hours Sydney To Beechworth - 6.5 hours -- MEALS -- All morning and afternoon teas, all lunches and 2 dinners are included. ================================================================ REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN www.HealYourLife.net.au

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Your Hidden Power: To Create Your Future

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