Laughter Yoga

Ha Ha Hertford Laughter Yoga Club
Ha Ha Hertford Laughter Yoga Club
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Friends Meeting House (Quaker Room)

50 Railway Street · Hertford

How to find us

Lovely little room on 50 Railway Street, Hertford, SG14 1BA, (next door to Halfords). Parking is free from 6pm in Gasgoyne way and Tescos.

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Welcome gigglers to the Laughter Yoga club based in Hertford.
We get together each month for a good laugh. Yes, it is to literally laugh for no reason.

The intention is to bring people together through laughter. It is for those who would like to try something new, bring more laughter into their lives, be silly and learn to take yourself lightly.

Sessions are:
1st and 3rd Thursday @ 7pm - 8pm
1st and 3rd Friday @ 11am - 12pm.
The cost is £5 which is paid on the day.

During the session, we will be warming up with rhythmic clapping followed by Laughter Yoga exercises. This involves acting out daily activities using laughter as the language,(as we do not use the spoken word) this is then followed by a deep breath before moving onto the next exercise.

Every session is different with group sizes ranging from 5 to 25! We all use eye contact during the exercises as this promotes genuine contagious laughter and group connection.

During the close of the session we end with a laughter meditation, this may involve humming, breathing or laughing.
Now I know what you're thinking,'This all sounds a bit strange!!' to be honest it is much easier to participate in a session than for me to try and explain it!!

I personally like to think of laughter yoga as a workout for your internal organs. The health benefits include, mood booster, strengthens the immune system, gets your lymphatic system moving, increases your energy, builds confidence and connects you with others.

You do not have to bring anything to the session apart from yourself and an open mind.
You would benefit from loose-fitting clothing but it is not necessary. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

We are easy to find on Railway street with ample parking at Tesco and Gasgoyne Way. Both free after 6pm.

Look forward to laughing with you.
If you have any questions about the session, please contact me.

Tracey :-)

Please arrive on time.
This is a safe space for individuals to explore laughter, therefore do not attend if you have consumed any drugs or alcohol.
The minimum age for this group is 14
If you are committed to a date, please RSVP.
Give yourself permission to have fun!

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