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Japan x Hong Kong Student Pitch - Habitat Meetup Aug 2018

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Global Venture Habitat Osaka

Tower C 7F, Grand Front Osaka 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka · Osaka

How to find us

Grand Front Osaka North Tower (Tully's Coffe, Mercedes me, Cafe Lab, ...) - Floor 7. Feel free to message organizer for support if lost :)

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#Entrepreneurship #Discussions #Snacks: Let's get together, have some snacks and talk about inspiring projects and ideas from within the venture habitat in Kansai and beyond.

This time: students at Kwansei Gakuin University are going to give ~3 min presentations on Hong Kong related business projects to practice their pitch and to get feedback on their ideas.

17:45 - DOORS OPEN
18:10 - Introduction
18:20 - Pitch Sessions

1 - Promoting a Japanese product in Hong Kong
2 - A Unique University Exchange Program
3 - Tavel Program Featuring HK
4 - A mascot that symbolizes friendship between Japan and HK

19:xx - #Entrepreneurship #Discussions #Snacks

Don't forget to RSVP (30 seats available for this one) and feel free to reach out to any organizer, if you have any questions.

#HabitatMeetup - see you there!

Please be advised that photos/videos might be taken at the event for use on website, social media, in possible marketing materials, and other publications by Global Venture Habitat Osaka ( By entering this event, you consent to Global Venture Habitat Osaka photo- and videographing and using your image and likeness.


#スタートアップ #起業 #スナック片手にスタートアップ、イノベーションについて語りましょう!


17:45 - DOORS OPEN
18:10 - Introduction
18:20 - Pitch Sessions

1. 日本の製品を香港に売り込む
2. 香港留学プログラム
3. 香港を紹介する旅行番組
4. 日本と香港の友好を象徴するマスコットのデザイン

19:xx - #Entrepreneurship #Discussions #Snacks


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