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Update: there's a brand new Elixir Community in Krakow:
(this is the same event, feel free to sign up wherever you want).

Hi guys!

We’re sure you've heard about Elixir ( many times already - now you'll have a chance to hear its creator speaking about Phoenix (

We will start with the talk by Paweł Obrok: Comparison of Actor execution models and why Elixir is better

Elixir and Erlang have a specific approach for how concurrent concepts are actually executed on the machine. The talk shows an overview of different possibilities from ruby libraries and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Then José Valim will take over with his talk: Tackling the modern web with the Phoenix framework

Most web frameworks make us choose between being productive and performance, however Phoenix gives us both. In this talk, we will explore how Phoenix' foundations, the Elixir programming language and the Erlang Virtual Machine, allow Phoenix to tackle both old and modern web alike while being fast, reliable and keeping us productive.

You cannot miss it! :)