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Hacker think is simplified as what coder think to do coding like secure and scalable. Here we talk about code, servers, network, digital Infrastructure, IT, design etc.

Hackerthink.com (https://hackerthink.com (https://hackerthink.com/)) is an online community that anyone can join that helps you learn to code, practice by building projects and check your skills level by attending several types of quiz and test.

Here’s why you should join the HackerThink community:

· You will get thousand plus questions and answers.

· You will get numbers of test series to check your skills.

· You will get good tutorial on Web Development language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS etc.

· You will get good tutorial on core programming language like C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python etc.

· You will get good tutorial on Server and IT technologies like Linux, Windows, Big Data, Servers, Virtualization etc.

· You can get exposer on our technical talk as speaker.

· You can get chance to attend out tech talk free or with discounted price.

· You will meet up with other coders in your city.

· You will learn to code at your own pace, in your browser or on your phone.

· You will build project that help non-profits carry out their missions more effectively.

· You will assemble a portfolio of real apps used by real people.

Get Started with HackerThink (https://hackerthink.com (https://hackerthink.com/)) now and RSVP for our next study group meetup!

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