What we're about

We're hackerfarm in Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan. We're a technology, arts, and agriculture collective that live in the countryside in Japan and work on agricultural technology, sustainable living, manufacturing, and building sustainable businesses.

This is a recurring series where we will be giving talks and inviting others to give talks on what it takes to be a professional manufacturer. This is mainly targeted for people with ideas for a design or have a successful design prototype, but don't know where to take it from there. We go through conceptual product design, product marketing, prototyping, software, project management, CAD, manufacturing technologies, how to get your product manufactured, manufacturing sample runs, the different stages of manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment, distribution, and sales.

This meetup series came out of a series of workshops we taught to designers at MIT Media Lab on how to get their designs manufactured. We felt that this information should be available to the public since a lot of it isn't widely known to people outside the manufacturing industry.

We also run an annual trip called the Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour where we bring a small group of people to Shenzhen, China to see factories, wholesale markets, spot sourcing markets, and learn about the manufacturing ecosystem in the Shenzhen/Dongguan/Guangzhou region.

Looking forward to having you join us for the Maker Pro series.

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