(Newline0x09) Receiving images from satellites with the RTL-dongle

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The RTL2832U has revolutionized receiving radio-signals. For about 10
euro, you have a radio-receiver that spans a good portion of mostly-used radio-spectrum that is used for applications as diverse as receiving broadcasting stations, monitoring the flight of airplanes, detecting meteors (falling stars) and ... receiving signals from space.

This workshop teaches you all necessary steps to use a RTL2832U dongle to receive pictures from low-orbit weather-satellites and amateur-radio slow-scan TV transmissions from the ISS. It contains both a software and hardware element, including -as a receiving station is only as good as its antenna- how to build a small ground-plane or dipole antenna.

This workshop will be given by Krist (ON4API) and Kristoff (ON1ARF) at the Newline0x09 event.