• Hacking Health Vancouver Hackathon @ e-Health Conference 2018

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    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to this event being in partnership with the 2018 eHealth conference, you MUST formally register & pay through Eventbrite at http://hhvan2018.eventbrite.com - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IN IF YOU ONLY RSVP THROUGH MEETUP!*** Are you an innovative web/mobile/full stack developer, data analyst, UI/UX designer, patient or clinician who wants to help foster innovation and positive change in the Canadian healthcare system? We need YOUR HELP to bring some amazing projects to life at the e-Health 2018 Conference and Tradeshow, Canada’s largest digital health event! Hacking Health is partnering once again with the e-Health 2018 Conference, this year on a #patientsincluded hackathon set to tackle the pressing healthcare issue of chronic disease management. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, three out of five Canadians aged 20 and older have a chronic disease, and 67% of all deaths per year are caused by four major chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases). Participants will work hand-in-hand with patients and clinician experts, building innovative software solutions focused on prevention, self management at home, home care, and community care! The challenge will begin with the opening ceremony and project pitches on Sunday, May 27th, where the leaders of selected projects will give short pitches explaining the healthcare problems they seek to solve and participants will network with with conference delegates. Teams will then spend the next day and a half hours designing, building, testing, validating and tuning their prototypes in preparation for the demo competition, working with mentors to refine and improve their solutions. Once the hacking is complete, all teams will be evaluated by an expert panel of judges when the teams present to conference delegates in the afternoon May 29th. Winners from the final presentations will be announced with awards presented shortly after. Join us for three whirlwind days of hacking to improve healthcare. You bring your skills and passion; we'll bring the food, caffeine, networking opportunities, mentorship, and FUN! Want to know what projects will be searching for team members? The list is still growing, but you can check out some of them at: https://hhvan2018.sparkboard.com/

  • Hacking Health Vancouver Design Challenge

    Centre for Digital Media

    The Hacking Health Hackathon @ e-Health Conference is back...and it's bigger and better than ever as an 8 week design challenge & virtual hack! This Spring, will you binge watch Netflix in your spare time - or will you use some of it to make a lasting impact in healthcare? Register today on Eventbrite! (http://hhvan2016.eventbrite.com) Hacking Health is partnering with its national sponsor Desjardins Insurance, COACH, Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), and Gevity to deliver an 8-week Design Challenge culminating in a showcase presentation with prizes to be awarded at the e-Health 2016 Conference (http://www.e-healthconference.com/). The challenge will begin with the Kick-Off Event on Saturday, April 2nd at the Centre for Digital Media (http://thecdm.ca/) co-presented by Desjardins Insurance and Gevity. Healthcare problems to be solved will be pitched and teams will be formed. Teams will then work together virtually to develop and refine their solutions over the next 8 weeks. Hacking Health will host in-person bi-weekly meetups during this time that will feature exciting keynotes to keep the Design Challenge teams engaged and motivated. Teams will re-convene on the evening of June 5th at the e-Health 2016 Conference for the Opening Reception & Pitch Presentations, giving short pitches recapping their progress to date and networking with conference delegates. Mentors and digital health experts will meet with the teams throughout the day on June 6th to offer feedback and suggest ways to improve their prototypes. Teams will then spend the next 24 hours modifying, improving, testing, validating and tuning their prototypes in preparation for the demo competition. Once the hacking is complete, all teams will be evaluated by an expert panel of judges and the top 10 finalists will be invited to present to conference delegates in the afternoon of June 7th. Winners from the final presentations will be announced with awards presented shortly after. We will support you when you need it, we will feed you often, and we will make sure our partners provide an opportunity to make your projects a reality. Sponsored By: Launch Venue Partner: Event Schedule Saturday, April 2nd 2016 10:30am - 6:00pm: Design Challenge Kickoff! April-May, 2016 (dates for Cafés TBD) Virtual Hacking & biweekly HH Cafés April - June Virtual hacking! Contribute some of your free time to help your team build your project, and help create a better future! We'll also book a series of 4 in-person evening meetups during this time for teams to touch base, listen to great speakers on relevant topics, and keep the momentum going. Sunday, June 5th 2016 7:00pm to 9:00pm: e-Health Design Challenge Opening Reception & Pitch Presentations Monday, June 6th 2016 10:00am to 7:00pm: Mentor feedback; project polishing and final touches Tuesday, June 7th 2016 9:30am - 5:00pm: Initial presentations; finalists selected; finalists present to e-Health delegates and judging panel; judging & awards! FAQ Q. I'm a clinical professional but not really "tech savvy". Is this event a good fit for me? A. Absolutely! Our participants specialize in their area of expertise (although it's great if you do have some knowledge outside of your field.) Clinical professionals contribute valuable medical and workflow knowledge but aren't always "tecchies", and coders and developers usually have no medical background and rely on the clinical professionals to contribute this. We're all here to work together! Q. Is this a hackathon like at the 2014 Vancouver e-Health Conference? How does the design challenge format work? A. The Design Challenge is an extended hackathon that provides extra time and opportunity to tackle extra tough or complex issues, or work with special resources that wouldn't otherwise be available in a standard 48-hour format. Ideas will be pitched and teams formed on the April 2nd kickoff date, then teams will have 8 full weeks for iterative development, consulting with experts, and doing user testing! At the e-Health conference, the 48 hours will be used for last-minute mentor and expert advice and making subsequent tweaks and refinements to projects and presentations. Q. What kind of time committment does the design challenge require? Do I have to attend everything? A. The time required will vary based on your team and the type of project you take on, as well as your role within the team (for example subject matter experts such as clinicians may engage only periodically to answer questions, while coders will likely have a greater time commitment). We understand that teams will be made up of working professionals & students with busy schedules, and the kickoff event and interim cafés will all be planned on nights and weekends. Teams are expected to be represented at both the kickoff on April 2nd and the e-Health Conference sessions on June 5th - 7th (teams that are not present at the e-Health conference portion of the event will not be eligible for judging or prizes.) The cafés that Hacking Health will host during the 8-week challenge are optional to attend, but recommended as we will have speakers, resources, and mentors available for you! Q. Do I need to buy a separate ticket to the e-Health conference? A. Your Design Challenge registration includes admission to the Tradeshow in the Exhibit Hall at the e-Health Conference, where vendors will showcase their latest innovations and the e-Health conference delegates gather to network. However, if you want to attend some of the special e-Health features such as the CHIA Gala or Pre-Conference session, you must purchase tickets separately through e-Health Registration (http://www.e-healthconference.com/register/registration/). Q. I don't fit exactly into any of the defined participant categories, but have a great idea I want to pitch! Should I still attend? Yes! The categories are not one-size-fits-all, so just pick the one that is closest to the type of role you will fill. For example, a healthcare policy/legislation expert with an app idea for improving access to healthcare information could register under Business, and a patient seeking to build an app that will improve patient experience could register under Clinical Professional. Q. Are there prizes? A. A number of prizes will be offered, and details are in the works. Check back on the event website (http://hackinghealth.ca/event/hh-vancouver-design-challenge/) for updates! Q. I want to sponsor/mentor/volunteer/help spread the word! How can I get involved? A. We'd love to hear from you! For sponsorship inquiries, please contact [masked]. For anything else, drop us a line at [masked]!

  • Hacking Health Vancouver Café: Crafting the Perfect Pitch

    Communication is key to effective collaboration. At this pitch clinic, we'll help you learn how to effectively craft a 60 second elevator-style pitch that will convey your idea in a way that transcends disciplines and reaches each individual regardless of their background or perspective! If you are considering pitching an idea at the April 2nd Hacking Health Design Challenge (http://hhvan2016.eventbrite.com) kickoff, attending this pitch clinic is highly recommended: we'll help you learn how to deliver the right type and amount of information, within the 60-second time limit, to improve your odds of attracting a great team. And even if you aren't planning on pitching at the Design Challenge, this is an excellent opportunity to learn several important tips for communicating an idea to share with others in a way that makes sense. It's also a great chance to network with other Design Challenge participants, and get a sneak peek at some of the great projects that will be looking for members! (If you are attending the pitch clinic, please register on Eventbrite (https://hhvan2016pitchclinic.eventbrite.ca/) after RSVPing on Meetup! This helps us track registration numbers across all different sources and make sure we have enough room for everyone who wants to attend.) Schedule: 6:00: Doors Open 6:30-7:00: Presentation on crafting the perfect pitch 7:00-8:00: Break into small groups to draft pitches & collaborate with pitch mentors 8:00-8:30: Optional time for networking, open discussion, and early team building for the Design Challenge! Special Guest Speaker: Mark Douglas (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-douglas-63b7104) Business Development Manager, Intrahealth Canada Ltd. After working in the Canadian Healthcare Technology industry since 1999, Mark has been able to hone his experience in Sales, Business Development, and Market Research Analysis for a wide variety of organizations. In his over 17 years of experience, he has perfected building and delivering elevator pitches, product demos, and market briefs for mixed clinical, government, and technical audiences. Mark has direct experience working in startups and has the bruises to prove it. Venue Partner: Lighthouse Labs (https://lighthouselabs.ca/vancouver) We're pleased to be partnering with our good friends & long-time Hacking Health Vancouver supporters Lighthouse Labs to host the Pitch Clinic. Their high-energy dev hub is the perfect creative space to get you inspired for a great pitch, and to fire you up for the subsequent Design Challenge! And if you find yourself bit by the hackathon bug and want to learn more about the world of professional coding, they have some amazing part-time programs iOS & web development to help you take your first steps - and full-time programs for those looking to take their careers to the next level! The Hacking Health Design Challenge (https://youtu.be/nyqzMYwEe8s) kicks off on Saturday, April 2nd. Don't forget to register (http://hhvan2016.eventbrite.com/) - then get ready to change the world of healthcare in your spare time this Spring!

  • A Hacking Health Vancouver & HxD Café: Innovation Boulevard

    Health Tech Innovation Hub

    It's no secret that that the Hacking Health Vancouver (http://hackinghealth.ca/city/vancouver-canada/) and Healthcare Experience Design Vancouver (HxD) (http://www.meetup.com/HXD-Vancouver/) communities are big fans of cross-sector collaboration in healthcare technology: we know that the perfect mix of clinical knowledge with technical and design expertise is a surefire recipe for the kind of innovation that can make a real difference. So for this special event, we're excited to invite you to come observe a fantastic example of collaboration in its natural habitat: Innovation Boulevard (http://www.innovationboulevard.ca/) in Surrey! Innovation Boulevard is an agile partnership of health, business, higher education and government creating new health technologies to improve peoples’ lives. With a dense network of health care organizations, universities, and leading tech companies, this concentrated hub of creativity and talent is doing it right - and the results speak for themselves. Join us at the Health Tech Innovation Hub to hear more about how Innovation Boulevard is building bridges and fostering collaboration between sectors, and learn about some of the amazing companies and projects participating! Schedule 5:30-5:45: Arrival 5:45-7:00: Speakers + lots of Q&A time 7:00-8:00: Spirited discussion and making new connections! Special Guest Speakers Eswar Eluri CEO, REVA Solutions (http://www.revasolutions.com/) Health Data and the Internet of Things The massive amounts of data that are produced in health care pose a challenge for companies and health care providers alike, but also create opportunities to use data to deliver improved care. Eswar will share his experiences of how he has helped organizations by creating systems that manage health data, and discuss a new partnership with Microsoft and Simon Fraser University to improve seniors care using remote sensors. Eswar has worked internationally in India, Europe and the US including consulting for large companies in workforce and warehouse automation. Angela Robert CEO, Conquer Mobile (https://conquermobile.com/) Addressing the OR Nurse Staffing Crisis with Simulation Training With escalating demands on OR nurses and a staff crisis looming, simulation offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional clinical training. Angela will share Conquer’s experience developing its PeriopSim app working alongside medical professionals. Angela co-founded Conquer Mobile with a vision to transform the way people work by effortlessly embracing mobile technology. She established her credentials as a software engineer at Scotiabank, IBM and Electronic Arts (EA). Dr. Sam Doesburg Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University (http://www.sfu.ca/) Increasingly autism is understood to be a disorder of brain connectivity, which affects communication in the autistic brain during the performance of cognitive tasks and even while the brain is at rest. In his talk, Dr. Sam Doesburg will speak about how mapping brain networks using high resolution medical imaging technologies like MEG can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of novel treatments for autism by measuring their impact on brain function. Before joining SFU, Sam was a scientist with the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Since this is a special joint event with a shared max capacity, you MUST (pretty please?) also register through Eventbrite at http://HHVanHxDInnovationBlvd.eventbrite.ca !