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Accumulo 1.4; Indexing and Query with Culvert; Accumulo Access Controls

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We are co-hosting the inaugural meetup of the DC Accumulo User's Group.

Accumulo 1.4 Release and Roadmap - Core Development Team

The Accumulo development team will outline the features of 1.4 and discuss the future roadmap. We'll also host a discussion on the direction the community would like to see Accumulo pursue.

The Power and Utility of Apache Accumulo Access Controls - Oren Falkowitz

Apache Acumulo offers fine grained access control over data. This talk will look at specific use cases outside of the national security context, and will discuss strategies for data owners to take advantage these features.

Query Execution and Secondary Indexing with Culvert - Ed Kohlwey

Culvert is a research prototype that we implemented and open sourced at Booz Allen to implement features common to SQL databases over NoSQL datastores like Accumulo and HBase. The framework features a query execution engine that is capable of performing basic set operations (intersection, disjunction, union) as well as indexing operations. The framework is extensible so that users can implement their own retrieval operations and indicies and plug them together with existing ones.