[Hadoop NYC meetup] HadoopDB (Yale); What’s Really the Buzz(Stefan Groschupf)

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Price: $5.00
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We will have 2 presentations:

HadoopDB: Need for speed in analytics by Azza Abouzeid and Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski (Yale University)
What’s Really the Buzz? by Stefan Groschupf

HadoopDB: Need for speed in analytics
HadoopDB is a hybrid of DBMS and MapReduce technologies that targets analytical workloads (large-scale data warehousing). Superior performance on structured data analysis is gained by using database servers deployed across a shared-nothing cluster while scalability and fault-tolerance are achieved by using Hadoop as the task coordination and cross-node communication layer. A prototype of HadoopDB was built at Yale University out of open source components and attempts to fill the gap in the market for a free and open source parallel DBMS. This talk will discuss the architecture of the system and the new performance enhancements developed in the past few months.
Speakers: Azza Abouzeid and Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski (Yale University)

What’s Really the Buzz?
With tweets growing 1,400% in 2009 to 35 million per day, businesses are realizing that insights from analyzing this data can provide tremendous competitive advantage. However, this involves far more than counting the number of times words or phrases are mentioned. Instead, organizations need a solution that can uncover complex relationships buried in Twitter’s massive volumes of data. This presentation will discuss a data analytics solution for business users built on Hadoop and demonstrate how it helps these users gain powerful insights from Twitter.
Speaker:Stefan Groschupf is a Hadoop industry veteran and visionary. Currently Stefan is CTO of Datameer. He has recently served as the Cloud Computing Architect at EMI Music and has been a Hadoop consultant at Apple, HP, Nokia and CarrierIQ. Stefan is a long-time open source expert in Nutch, Hadoop, and Katta.