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This group is a place for all Big Data crunchers (Backend Developers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Analysts and DevOps) who want to learn more about Apache Hadoop, a reliable and scalable open source framework for distributed high-performance computing ( http://hadoop.apache.org/ )or Apache Spark.

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1st Tech Bazaar

Häberlstraße 12

It's finally time: we are launching our first Tech Bazaar by focusing on new and hot topics all around Spark & Hadoop. What is it about? For the first time we are organizing a Tech Bazaar, which is all about sharing your knowledge and insights about the latest trends and developments in the Spark & Hadoop Universe. A Tech Bazaar is supposed to be an event analogous to a minor science fair: ideally taking place in a large room with multiple areas, where everybody can show their Big Data projects and discuss it with members of the community. With this approach all our community members would be given a chance to present what they are currently working on or have been working in the past. Everyone could, depending upon their own areas of interest and competence, give valuable feedback. How can I participate? - Sign up for the meetup - Bring your Spark project (e.g. architecture sketches, code snippets, slides, ... whatever fits your needs) so you can show and discuss it with others - Be aware that you are not required to make a presentation in front of a crowd. Everyone will have the opportunity to spontaneously talk about their ideas and share it with others - free and totally casual. What's in it for me? - Get valuable and individual feedback to your product/ideas based on Spark or Hadoop. - Share your experiences with others - Use the chance to broaden your horizon in the Spark & Hadoop world (different approaches) What do we offer? - Set up for Tech Bazaar (monitor, table, keyboard, flipcharts, whiteboards, wifi, ...) - As usual pizza & beer Who knows, maybe you'll get the "sparkling" idea to revolutionize your Spark project!!! Find more information about the Bazaar idea here: https://comsystoreply.de/bazaar

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