Azure Functions + Container Instances / Domain Driven Design


Azure Functions and Container Instances to reduce costs

In this talk we will go through using Microsoft Azure serverless and container technologies to automate a recurring process and reduce costs. In my work I was required to create a system which repetitively performed actions against web pages. I used selenium with the page object model as the model to interact with the pages, the code was executed using an Azure function which instantiated a browser in an Azure container Instance using a standard docker container. A transient container was used to avoid having to have one permanently installed on a VM, the container could be created only for the time it was needed. As serverless and Azure container instances have a usage charging model the costs were negligible compared to running a dedicated VM for the operation.

In this talk I will talk briefly about:
• Selenium and Page Object Model - how it aids re-usability of selenium code
• Azure Functions - the developer experience
• Azure container Instances - what they are and how setup and removal can be automated
But mostly how the above fits together to make a great developer experience and deliver a solution at minimal cost.

John will first do a 3 minute introduction talk on C#8, then the main talk and then a follow up talk on Domain Driven Design called 'DDD A la Carte'.


John Staveley is a developer focusing on web development with 20 years experience, mostly in the .Net stack. He is an organiser at Leeds Sharp and Leeds Data Science meetups and regular speaker on a variety subjects such as security, messaging and typescript across the north of England.