Spotify for C# Developers


Peter Bull - Spotify for C# Developers

With a broad range of platform development experience from WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Universal Windows Platform for his own work through to http://ASP.NET MVC as a web developer for tombola. Peter also has a breadth of experience working as a hobby with music service APIs including Microsoft's former music platforms and now Spotify.

In this presentation he will talk about how to use the Spotify API as a C# Developer. Showing how to sign up, get credentials to browse music content with an access token and authenticate to view your own Spotify music library with a user token. He will demonstrate how to use the Spotify API directly or more easily using platform SDKs for .NET Standard and the Universal Windows Platform.

Twitter: @rogueplanetoid

'Spotify For C# Developers' is part of the North East Digital Festival, a two-week festival bringing together the region’s digital, innovative and creative companies. The festival will take place from 13 - 23 May. For more information and the full programme visit