Monday night board games

This is a past event

10 people went

Every week on Monday

Fish Head Cantina

4802 Benson Ave · Halethorpe, MD

How to find us

We are to the left of the front door on the platform.

Location image of event venue


First timer? Read the FAQ below! (Thanks to the Columbia/Howard County Social/Games for this FAQ)

Q: Is this event free? A: Overall, yes, until you get addicted and start buying games too! There is an expectation to at least buy a drink from the Cantina. They work hard to keep up with us and we want to support them as well. Buying food is better, but a drink would be expected. If you cannot afford a drink one week, try for another week.

Q: Where is everyone? A: Gaming usually happens to the left of the main door on top of the platform. Sometimes, we get moved around a little bit and may be in the booths.

Q: What time is the event? A: 6 pm to however late people stick around. The bar is open until 1, and the grill/sushi closes at 10. It really depends on what game is getting played vs. people’s own schedules. Most people stick around until 8:30/9.

Q: How do I start playing a game? A: We all just kind of figure it out as we go. At the beginning of the evening (or when a game finishes) we generally just try and take stock of how many people are looking to start a game and figure out what make the most sense with style of game and interest. If you're new or are looking for a particular type of game to play, mention it so we can find the best fit for the most people. Most people who own the games are happy to teach them, and that is what happens most of the time.

Q: What kind of games do you play? A: All kinds! The board gaming hobby has exploded in the past 20+ years to tens of thousands of games. If you're not already familiar, it can be a bit overwhelming. Because we're constantly trying out new games, it's common that it's a first time for most of the players. An explanation of the rules is a standard part of the experience, so just come ready to learn and have fun. Our group tends to heavily play “Euros”. We will play other board game types, but be aware that older board games, such as Monopoly, Sorry or traditional older board games generally are not played. You are always welcome to bring what you’d like to play and hope for takers.

Q: Can I show up late? A: Yes, but keep in mind that there may be no free players right when you do. You'll probably have to wait a while for a game to break up so you can join in. Please let people know that you want to play so we can accommodate you and fit you in. We generally start playing after 6.

Q: Can I eat while I play? A: Often yes, but always ask the owner of the game. Games are mostly paper, after all, and no one wants greasy finger foods turning their game into a very expensive napkin. Most of us get there earlier at 5:30 to eat and then play. The tables are not very big, so you may have to put your food off to the side while playing.

Q: Do I have to bring a game? A: No

Q: But *can* I bring a game? A: Absolutely! Every game at this event is brought by attendees. Just be sure you're familiar enough with the rules to teach new players.

Q: Can I just watch? A: Yes. It's pretty common, especially when people are waiting for more players. Just ask the table and make sure any friendly chatting doesn't disrupt the flow of the game.

Q: What if I didn't RSVP? A: No one is going to pester you about it if you forget or just make a last minute decision to join in ... BUT a high RSVP count lets other meetup folk know that the group is healthy and active. It also helps with emergency situations where we may need to move our location last minute and we can let you know so you don’t end up going to the wrong place.