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It is so difficult to cope up with the fast pace development in web technologies. A big chunk of server side programming is taken over by new technologies like AngularJS, Dojo, JQuery and more generally JavaScript. With the advancement of technology, there are also rising concerns on scalability, security, maintenance, code readability, privacy, performance, efficiency and many more. Similarly, the same concerns rose when we talk about Big Data and Cloud support to manage enterprise data through REST services. The intention to start this group is to share ideas and experience around these emerging technologies and look for common issues that we face in day to day work. Also group together to work on a common idea or a problem that has long lived in industry and has no solution provided up till now. We look forward to meeting technology experts on this domain to get together and share their experience as well as new comers who want to learn new technology and get hands-on experience. We also would get a chance to meet industry experts and entrepreneurs who have founded their own company in Halifax and want to share their experience. This is also a platform to present an innovation idea of your own and gather feedback from co-workers working in the same platform for many years. So, please don't hesitate to join us in our meetup.

Please note that our meetups usually will contain tutorials related to programming languages especially JavaScript. We assume that audience has some prior programming knowledge before attending our meetups. It is not a requirement however, to get most advantage out of it one must read some basic programming concepts before attending tutorials.

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