What we're about

A makerspace is a community of people who share the urge to create and make. The medium, whether it's electronics, wood, metal, plastic, fabric or anything else, is less important than the creative impulse. We support each other by sharing curiosity, knowledge, experience, and tools as we make cool stuff.

The Halifax Makerspace is a registered non-profit. As of July 2021, we are closing our space temporarily while we figure out options for reopening. During this closure, we will host events and workshops in 3rd party locations as Covid allows.

We are most active on our Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=&hl=en#!forum/halifaxmakerspace). It's a great place to ask questions and keep tabs on what other Haligonian makers are up to.

To ensure you don't miss any official announcements from Halifax Makerspace, sign up to our mailing list (http://halifaxmakerspace.org/#get-involved).

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