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What we’re about

This is a Meetup for people who live in Toronto, GTA, and Hamilton (anyone with H is welcome regardless of location) who are living with HSV 1 and HSV 2 and HPV. This is a HSV/HPV support group that hosts social events. The goal is for people with "H" to not feel alone, to get accurate facts (that they may not be getting from their medical professionals), and to get out socially. This is an anonymous group to support those that live with HSV and HPV. This group can be used as a support for questions and challenges of living with the H’s. It is also a great place to meet people who have the same dating challenges associated with having HSV or HPV as well.


*** NOTE BEFORE JOINING *************************************************************This a private group set to Meetup's most restrictive "partial visibility" setting. That means people can find our group, see who the organizers are, and our meetup dates and title (which is why our titles are rather vague). They CANNOT see the locations of the events. Those in this group (besides the organizer) is only available to group members and is NOT public.

YOUR PRIVACY ON MEETUP: If you would like to join this Meetup Group, but don't want Toronto / GTA Socials and Support with H to show up in the list of all Meetup Groups that you belong to, you must go into your Meetup Profile and change your settings to "Hide Groups". (If you created a brand new profile, this setting can only be accessed after you have joined a group.) Here's how: To hide the list of your Meetup Groups on your profile, head to any one of your Meetup Groups (it doesn't matter which group) and click on “My profile”. In that right column toward the middle, you'll see your Meetup Groups listed. Click on "Hide my Meetup Groups from others."

WARNING: Joining Meetup with your Facebook Login could also reveal your affiliation with our group. Unless you have an H-only Facebook profile (a unique FB profile that you use exclusively for H groups on Facebook), we suggest that you do NOT use Facebook to sign up for this or other H Groups on Meetup.

Many people also prefer to show just their first name and not their last name. Other people prefer to use an alias. To make changes to your "name" that other members see, go to your "Account" settings where you can delete your last name or create an alias.

<br> Anyone in the group can host an event, just ask me to update your group status as an event organizer. There are some event guidelines: Please let everyone know if the event is H only, H and informed guests only, or open to all (meaning no talk about how we all know each other).

We want everyone to feel like they can ask for help no matter if the situation is in your control or completely out of control. You will make great friends in here, and hopefully meet them in person too!. If you would like to be added to the corresponding FB group, please just contact the Organizer.

<br> Anyone found spamming members with Herpes dating websites, "cures", treatments, harassing or stalking etc. will be removed and banned from the group. Members, PLEASE let organizers know if you receive messages from spammers, cure hawkers, or requests to join H dating groups. <br>